Balloon Sex

Balloon Sex with Rae


Balloon Sex – Rae’s First Fuck to Pop (F2P)

Rae is finally ready to do a balloon sex video. She has brought over her ‘Dom’ , she feels she has been a good ‘sub’ and this is her treat. She grabs a 17-inch TufTex and begins to blow pop it while he undresses her , after that pops they undress more and she has him lay back and she blows him while also blowing a 16-inch to pop. Now he’s good 2go so they fuck in a variety of positions popping the balloons in a variety of ways including fingernail, crush and Kiss of Death. The video ends with them first fcking on a Doll balloon and Rae on a GL700 and popping it as she orgasms. Full 36 Minute version

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