Looner Girls

Looner Girls Buffy and Brandi Looner Virgins


Looner Girls Buffy and Brandi Looner Virgins Introduction

Buffy and Brandi, best friends, are new to Looner Girls. They’ve come in today for an interview with Madison, a balloon expert. Madison breaks the ice by starting off with some questions to get to know the girls. Brandi is shy and Buffy is confident. She asks them things like, “What’s your favorite super hero?” and “Tell me about your favorite book…” to break the ice and then moves on to ask questions about balloons, like “What’s your favorite color and size of balloons?” and “How do balloons make you feel?” Both girls give answers to Madison’s questions and then she teaches them how to use balloon pumps to blow up some big balloons a couple accidentally explode as they are blowing them. Once blown up Madison instructs them how to sit pop them at the end. This video is an adorable combination of awkward and funny, as we get to know the newest members of the Looner Girls Team.

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