Blow To Pop

Looner Girls Scarlett


Looner Girls Scarlett

Scarlett has a new man friend and before she goes any further in this relationship she needs to no he can accommodate her love of balloons. So she invites her new BF over to try him out. She starts by blowing him as well a balloon, she gets him hard and then continues blowing the 16-inch balloon while he fucks her on her back.. Then they proceed in a variety of positions and types of popping, including fingernail, blow to pop (B2P), crush pop, before he cums on her juicy ass at the end. We also isolate just the pops from cam 2 at the end as well as a slow motion crush pop. Ballon sex at its best. This 18 minute video only available at

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  1. Salena

    July 21, 2018 at 10:25 pm

    Love this video

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