Mass Pop

Mass Pop with Julie & Vicki on Valentines Day!


Valentine’s Day Mass Pop

 Julie and Vicki show up to a Valentine’s Day party early and find over 300 balloons ready. (12, 16, 17, 24, 30, 36, GL500, 700, 1200, Doll )  They pop one thinking no one will notice.  Then another and suddenly their dresses are off and they are out of control.  Pin Pop, Sit Pop, Fingernail Pop, Cigarette Pop (with Kiss of Death), Heel Pop  The fun continues as Vicki and Julie have gotten the smaller, 12-Inch balloons, out of the way.  Now they can pop the big ones….they pin pop them as they bounce and lay on them, also throwing some in the air.  At the end they get out the super shop vac and blow a 72-Inch balloon until it pops… then they run away now that all the balloons are gone. 2 Slo-Mo pops (Doll and 7-inch) added at the end.   More than 23 Minutes 

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