Mass Pop

Messy Mass Pop – Cherri & Rae


Cherri has just finished preparing 200-12″ and 100-16″ balloons as well as 12-12″helium balloons in addition to 4-48″ and 6-18″ beach balls and two inflatable whales. She has a sheet cake ready too. Rae shows up with a whip cream pie and 12 helium balloons but is upset that Cherri blew up all the balloons. Cherri is
having none of it and pushes Rae’s face into the chocolate cake. IT’S ON…whip cream pies and chocolate cake gets all over the girls and then they decide to start popping balloons with their hands and asses (sit pop). When they finally finish with the balloons they pop and rip apart the inflatables including the Orca whales. Of course they get naked too!!

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