Looner Girls Balloons

  • Looner Girls

    Mass Pop

    Mass Pop – Nina & Rae – Prep

    Nina and Rae are prepping for huge balloon shoot, there are over 300 balloons that they inflate with the machine as they get to know...

  • Looner Girls

    Looner Girls

    Anna & Brittani Interview

    Ana brought a friend in today and so we took the opportunity to interview the new about her impressions about balloons and being asked to...

  • Sit to pop Melanie

    Sit to Pop

    Sit To Pop – Melanie

    Melanie Hicks is baaaccckkk and ready to mix it up with balloons again. This time she grinds each one, slowly and sensually, until she sit...

  • Blow To Pop Ana

    Blow To Pop

    Blow To Pop Machine – Ana

    Sexy newcomer, Ana, has 2 identical Tuftex 24″ balloons and first she blows one of them up a couple times to stretch out. Subsequently she...

  • Looner Girls Mass Pop

    Mass Pop

    Mass Pop Rae & Julie

    Not a huge mass pop, by our standards, but over 150 balloons (12″, 16″,36″,GL700, Doll) to be popped by our sexy stripping girls. Mainly pin...