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Pin Popping – Renee


Renee Inflates (over) TufTex Balloons for Pop Shoot

*By viewer suggestion. Renee has a collection of TufTex 17” and 24” balloons she is prepping for a popping shoot. She does her best to get them to their max before tying off. At one point she inflates and deflates a couple 17” to see how much larger they get compared to the one time blown up balloons. She also takes one and tries to add air and size by blowing to it, but it proves to be too much for the balloon. 19 minutes of balloon fun with our sexy looner girl. Once blown up Renee sets out to pop them. First by using her nails to pop the first and following that up with some pin popping. We had asked her to try the “Kiss of Death” and she was apprehensive. Once she tried it though she loved it. We included slo motion ‘Kiss of Death’ pops.

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